kINPen®VET – the Physical Antibiotics Alternative in Veterinary Medicine

Innovative Wound Treatment with Cold Plasma

The kINPen®VET is a plasma jet that is used in veterinary medicine for decontamination and treating wounds. With its CE-certified device, the neoplas GmbH is a pioneer on the veterinary medicine market.


  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Has an antibacterial effect, even on multidrug resistant strains and is antiviral and antifungal
  • Excellent accessibility of deep and hidden wounded areas, such as caverns and cavities
  • Short and painless treatment without sedation
  • Easy to use and portable

Cold Plasma device kINPen®VET


The plasma jet is operated under atmospheric pressure with the noble gas argon, creating a physical cold plasma with a temperature of approx. 40°C. Plasma is an ionised gas and is described as the fourth fundamental state of matter. It contains not only electrons and ions, but also UV radiation, excited oxygen and nitrogen species and electromagnetic fields. The interaction of these components creates the disinfecting and wound-healing effect of cold plasma. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, as well as multidrug resistant pathogens are eliminated physically. Apart from activating the immune system, cold plasma also encourages cell proliferation and angiogenesis. The plasma enables very good tissue regeneration with minimal creation of scar tissue. Due to the way it works, the kINPen®VET is a physical alternative to antibiotics. Over 200 publications from human and veterinary medicine prove the versatile properties of cold plasma. The publication list can be found here.


In veterinary medicine, the kINPen®VET is predominately used for surgery and dermatology. But oncology and dentistry are also possible fields of application. The treatments focus on chronic wounds and wound healing disorders, such as wound dehiscence, necrosis or emergence of seromas, as well as multidrug resistant infections, pyotraumatic dermatitis (hotspots), mycoses, otitis externa, intertrigo and pyoderma. Further examples of treatment you can find here and

Suture dehiscence of an American Bulldog wound before Cold Plasma treatment
Suture dehiscence of an American Bulldog wound before Cold Plasma treatment
Suture dehiscence of the American Bulldog wound 4 days after single treatment with cold plasma
Condition of the American Bulldog wound 4 days after single treatment



By using the kINPen®VET applicator, the cold plasma can be applied precisely to the wound in need of treatment, even deeper or hidden wounds and cavities. During treatment, the wounds are traced in meanders and as evenly as possible, at a moderate speed of approx. 5 mm/s. The intensity of treatment depends on the length of treatment and should amount to 20-30 seconds per square centimetre of treated wound. The short treatment is painless and can be performed without sedation. The simple handling of the plasma jet means that it can be integrated easily into existing practice procedures. An interchangeable spacer makes sure that the correct distance is maintained during treatment. The compact equipment trolley for the kINPen®VET makes the device portable for mobile treatment. Further information is available on our product website

Cold Plasma treatment with kINPen®VET


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