The kINPen®VET

Innovative – Helps wounds heal – Anti-bacterial

The kINPen®VET is a plasma jet that is used in veterinary medicine for decontamination and treating wounds. With its CE-certified device, the neoplas GmbH is a pioneer on the veterinary medicine market.

Benefits of treatment with cold plasma

  • speeds up the healing process
  • effective against the following:
    • Bacteria (including MRSA)
    • Biofilms
    • Fungi
    • Demodex mites
    • Ticks

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How it works

Over the last few years, the medical application of cold plasma at atmospheric pressure has become a significant, innovative part of medicine. The antimicrobial and wound healing effect of plasma plays a major role in this process. The reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS, RNS), in particular, appear to be responsible for these effects. These reactive species are also formed during physiological metabolism and play a major role in maintaining the cell redox status and are also required for normal cell functions such as cell proliferation, aggregation, chemotaxis and apoptosis. ROS produced by phagocytes are essential for providing protection from invasive microorganisms and also appear to play an important physiological role in activating the immune system.

The plasma effect takes place when it strikes surfaces. Therefore, the ionized gas is used in medicine as a helping agent for healing wounds and for asepsis. Studies on patients with chronic wounds have found that therapy with cold plasma results in a significant reduction in microorganisms on the skin’s surface. It has also been established that this stimulates the growth and proliferation of endothelial cells and activates regenerative processes in the lower strata of skin. Another effect is that the electrical fields and heat also stimulate micro-circulation. This improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. Over 200 publications from human and veterinary medicine prove the versatile properties of cold plasma. The publication list can be found here.

Possible indications

In veterinary medicine, the kINPen®VET is predominately used for surgery and dermatology. But oncology and dentistry are also possible fields of application.

The treatment focus is on various indications:

Small animal treatment & birds

  • Chronic wounds
  • Wound healing problems
  • Contaminated or infected wounds (including MRSA)
  • Superficial pyoderma, for example, hotspots
  • Mycosis
  • Demodicosis
  • Perianal fistula
  • Otitis externa
  • Stitch dehiscence
  • Bumble foot
  • Cornea injuries & ulcers

Equine medicine

  • Injuries and wounds, particularly wound healing problems, wound infections and wounds with difficult access
  • Malanders
  • Fungal infections
  • Cracking at the corner of the mouth
  • To help EOTRH wound healing
  • Cornea injuries & ulcers

Further examples of treatment you can find here and

Suture dehiscence of an American Bulldog wound before Cold Plasma treatment
Suture dehiscence of an American Bulldog wound before Cold Plasma treatment
Suture dehiscence of the American Bulldog wound 4 days after single treatment with cold plasma
Condition of the American Bulldog wound 4 days after single treatment



The use of the kINPen®VET can target the cold plasma very precisely on the area for treatment, even if it includes deep or concealed wound sections and cavities. The wound sections adopt a meandering pattern during treatment and are coated as uniformly as possible using a moderate speed of around 5 mm/s. The intensity of the treatment is controlled by the treatment time and should be around 30-60 seconds per square centimeter of treatment area. The kINPen®VET is primarily used in veterinary surgery and dermatology. But oncology and dentistry are also promising areas of application which are the focus of current research.

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